June 4th Ordination

ordination charge from arlie and charlie

Promotion comes from God and in God’s timing

These were words I heard often. And in fact, 2-3 years ago I really needed to hear them. If I’m honest, I was a bit anxious for ordination. I had, after all, felt called back in high school to be a pastor.

Over the past year or two, God had been changing my heart slowly and quietly. No longer was I anxious to be ordained. I wasn’t angry toward anyone or any circumstances. I simply enjoyed the opportunities I was being given to minister to others at Community Church.

Then this year I heard the news. This was to be the year that I was going to be ordained. It wasn’t a done deal because I suppose I could have renounced God and turned away from everything. But as long as I didn’t blow up, I learned that 2014 was when it would happen.

On June 4, 2014, I had the privilege of being ordained as a pastor. Not only that, I was ordained along my friend for many years – Alain Noriega.

ordination presentationordination certificate pic w alain

What an powerful service it was! Dr. Samuel spoke and encouraged us in three things – to walk circumspectly, to witness and to work tirelessly in the ministry.

One of my favorite pictures was of something I didn’t know took place. During the ceremony, while Alain and I were kneeling at the front, my oldest daughter was in her chair 10 feet away and decided to kneel and pray just like her daddy was doing. Precious.

Zoe kneeling at ordination

Friends and Family

To our friends and our family – thank you. You have been shaping and molding us since the day we were born. It’s only because of you that we are here today; we stand on your shoulders. You taught us how to pursue God and how to listen for His voice and direction. You helped us sharpen our skills and tweak our leadership style. And countless times you were simply there for us. We appreciate each of you.