Update & BIG News

On Thursday, December 18th we had an incredible Interest Gathering at Knightdale Rec Center. It was there that I shared some critical updates as we press on toward our launch Sunday.

Some of the updates I shared are:

  • The securing of Knightdale High School is all but done. The only thing we’re waiting on is a final approval of our revised contract with the school. After that, and once we write our first rent’s check, we’re locked in!
  • We wrote our first large check to Portable Church Industries (PCI) to get the process started on their end. Now, the equipment is in the manufacturing and design stages. They’re top-notch and provide some fantastic equipment. (Here are some pictures).
  • Being inspired by another planting pastor, together we prayed a very specific prayer – that God would send a person to give who’s never given before to The Edge Church. That same day, we had someone give a sacrificial donation! I called my pastor friend back and said, “let’s pray that same prayer again!”. The next day we had a church in Leesburg send us a check for $2,000!
  • Financial update: we still have roughly $50,000 due to PCI, $15,000 due for used PCI equipment, $14,000 for a projector, speakers and other critical supplies, $18,000 for marketing, website design and other upcoming expenses

I shared that for us to reach the goal of launching strong, it’s going to take several things. It’s going to take the continued generosity of outside givers and churches. (If you’re reading this and that’s one of you, thank you so much for helping us reach people in Wake County.) It’s also going to take the generosity of our launch team – people who understand the concept of giving God a portion back of what He gives to us financially. Tithing (10% of what we earn) and giving an offering (anything above the 10%) is going to help enable The Edge Church do what God has called her to do.

One of our core values is that we want to restore hope in the local church – and part of doing that is by sharing openly what’s going on. Transparency is critical. So I have to be open and honest about The Edge’s financial needs.

I’ll be honest again: it’s going to take a number of miracles for us to raise those funds. We’re looking at some significant numbers – figures that are impossible without God.

It’s a good thing God doesn’t have the same ledger book that I have! He isn’t short financially and He isn’t incapable of doing above and beyond what we could think or imagine. Furthermore, God’s will is for The Edge Church to launch strong and reach many for the sake of Christ! We’re actually fulfilling God’s will and vision for Wake County as we plant this church.

A day after our Interest Gathering, our generous sending church wrote us a check. Rather than trying to describe it to you, I’ll let you simply view the video they created when they wrote not one, but TWO checks to their new daughter churches.

Isn’t God good?


Next Steps (Blog and Church)

Since arriving in Knightdale, we’ve had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people. We’ve meet some down-to-earth neighbors, folks in the real estate business, install technicians, construction workers and strangers in the store! It’s amazing how we never intend to share (and often don’t disclose) what we’re doing and yet these amazing conversations come up.

Why not tell people what we’re doing? Well, it depends on who we’re talking with. If we’re talking with a neighbor then we don’t feel a sense of urgency to share what we’re doing because, well, they’ll probably find out eventually anyway! Not only that, but when I (Pete) share that I’m a pastor, the whole tone changes. Now my new mission is to try and dodge the question of what I do for a living for as long as possible! Doing this allows people to feel at ease about being who they truly are – something everyone shouldn’t be ashamed of regardless of what company we’re in!

That, my friends, is one of the core values of The Edge Church – acceptance. If we can’t act ourselves at church, where can we? Certainly many of us feel we can’t act like ourselves at work or as we’re out shopping. We somehow feel this need to put on a facade and act like everything’s okay. I want to put others at ease when they’re around me and I want the DNA of The Edge Church to do the same. There’s no need to hide the fact that we haven’t figured life out yet or that life isn’t perfect for us. We are all in the same boat.

More on the DNA of the church later…


Blog Updates

In the near future, Karen and I will create a contact us page that will help us connect with YOU, our readers, supporters, friends and future church family! Chances are, we’ve already connected or else you might not be on our blog in the first place. Regardless, we want to continue the dialogue and grow in our relationships with each of you.

We are also working hard to create the ability to invest in what God is doing in Knightdale. Some might call this simply a “donate” button or page which is technically correct. I believe it goes beyond simply donating funds, however. I believe when you and I invest in the kingdom of God we get a return that’s immeasurably better than the gift we give. If you are short on faith in this area, borrow mine! Jesus’ half-brother James said it well when he said, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

And doesn’t our ability to give financially come from God anyway? He gives us the health we have to earn a paycheck, He gives us favor at our job, He watches over us and provides for us. Regardless of how much we own or how much we accomplish in life, we can’t forget that God owns it all and we are simply His money managers.

Finally, we plan to INCREASE blog frequency. Without going into all the details, Time Warner fumbled our original install so we went with AT&T. When AT&T informed us they no longer offer DSL to our neighborhood we were forced to go back to Time Warner. We’re being told we will have internet on July 28. In the mean time, I blog to you here from the public library!


Church Updates

We had an incredible blessing from friends at Community Church. After one of our sending services there, I had a wife approach me wanting to help. She works for a religious organization and they needed to increase their donations for their fiscal year which was ending very soon. I was able to go on to their website and pick out materials for our church!

Just yesterday those materials came in – we had four boxes shipped to us! They included a Bible study book that’s great for small groups, many NLT Bibles and Spanish Bibles! Each of these books will be handed out to people in the Knightdale/Raleigh area who need to discover or rekindle a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

New Book Gift

Donation to The Edge Church

Donations like these, along with incredible conversations with people estranged from God pour fuel on the fire of what we’re doing in Knightdale!

Finally, we are still waiting to hear back from North Carolina about our incorporation files we submitted for the church. We hope that will come through soon as it holds up several key steps we need to take in the immediate future.

Onward and upward!