Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in getting involved. I wanted to outline some clear steps of opportunity for you to get connected:

Help spread the word

You can do this by being a cheerleader on social media. Links to our accounts can be found at the bottom of our website or under the “Participate” section below.


Launching a church costs big money. Most experts say it costs around $200,000-250,000. We’ve partnered with ARC who will provide up to $50,000 to help us launch and our sending church is providing another $36,000. Quick math will tell you that we’re much short of our need. In order to launch strong and reach the families in need in this area, please help us by giving a tax-deductible gift to The Edge Church through our secure portalWe won’t be enabled to reach families and be a blessing to many here in Wake County without your generosity.

As of January 30th, we’ve raised well over $120,000 – THANK YOU! We are still short about $10,000 in order for us to finish purchasing the final, critical equipment for us to launch.

Donate to The Edge Church – you can do recurring or one-time donations with just a few clicks.


If you already know and love Jesus, you know that we can’t do this without Him. If you don’t know Jesus, well…let me just say that we can’t do this without Him! Please pray for us. Pray for our team that it would grow. Pray for our finances that we would be able to do all that God’s called us to do and that many would be generous toward The Edge Church. Most importantly, pray that many lives would be transformed, that marriages would be strengthened, that parents would be refreshed, that children would be filled with joy and that God would spark a movement of blessing, provision and revelation in Wake County through His church.


We have so many events that we schedule. You can keep up with them on The Edge Church’s Facebook page, Instagram page or Twitter feed. Come to one of our parties, events or interest gatherings. Better yet, bring a friend to one of our events!

Leading up to our launch we’ve thrown a number of parties and held quite a few interest gatherings. With the launch right around the corner (February 22nd), we are finishing our growth track and are in high gear as we prepare for public services. Our facebook page is the best place to get current info on how you can jump in and participate.

Thank you

Thank you for being curious enough to read about how to get connected. We have had amazing conversations with folks here, we’ve built relationships with new friends and families and we’ve been a blessing to so many in our short time here thus far. We’ve already:

– Thrown three “meet-and-greet” style parties…and had 200 people in attendance!

– Provided a FREE photo booth at the town’s Christmas Tree lighting…and had well over 100 families get free photos!

Infused over $3,000 into the local market by giving donations to the town & local charities, rented spaces, bought from local companies and more!

– Gave out 100 FREE t-shirts and several thousands of pieces of candy

These are just a handful of the things we’ve been able to do because of the generosity of others.

Finally, we realize involvement for many is a process and not an event. Some might need to test the waters before diving in the deep end. If you find yourself in that boat, Karen and I want to connect with you over coffee or a meal. Please contact us via facebook or on The Edge Church’s connection page.

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