Prayer and Fasting (part 1)

Leading up to February 22nd – when we publicly launch The Edge Church – I want to be in a state of fasting. Not only will a detox and healthy choices help my physical body but I want to press into God more intensely leading up to this launch so that my spiritual body will be full.

Planting a church is spiritual. Sure, it’s hard work – inspiring people to be a part of what God’s doing here, wrestling vendors, raising funds. Those are all very challenging and a normal part of church planting. But the most important, most overlooked, most critical aspect to planting a church takes place in the unseen – in the spiritual realm.

Anyone can lead others. Many can raise funds for good causes. Most people can organize events, work with vendors and pull together details to accomplish a goal. Few people can do all these things together to plant a church. Fewer still are those who are called to plant a church!

Think about the spiritual elements of planting a church. God works in the hearts of people and through the events taking place in a given area. Then God births a calling and vision in the heart of a person or persons to reach that area for Him. God also draws the hearts of people He’s pre-ordained to be a part of launching the church. God inspires others to financially give to this vision, He draws more people toward the church and He relentlessly works through people who have given Him control in order to birth the church – His beautiful bride.

Planting a church is a deeply spiritual endeavor! And because it is, we have to pursue God now more than ever before. Not because we “should” but because we simply can’t do it without Him. It is his Holy Spirit that draws the hearts of men and women to God. His love softens the hearts of others who are needed to make church happen – school representatives, church supply vendors and potential givers for the church.

As of yesterday we are four weeks away from launching. Each week Karen and I are going to pursue God more intensely through fasting.

I want to challenge you to pursue God like never before in this pre-church launch season. If you’re reading this then you’re a part of our story – really God’s story – to plant this church. Take a next step; join us as we abstain from things (fast), pray and pursue God leading up to February 22nd.

In part two, I’m going to share what we’re doing, specifically, to pursue God in this season. Will you join us?

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