Our Sending Church

The heritage of something is always important. Whether it’s a person’s heritage, a business’s heritage or especially a church’s heritage; it matters. If you were investing in a business, wouldn’t it matter if the CEO was personally mentored by Warren Buffett or the President of the United States?

If you were going to entrust your kids to another adult for childcare, wouldn’t it matter what sort of upbringing and family that person came from? I wouldn’t trust someone to watch my kids when they had a criminal record for abusing children, would you?

The Community Church in Ashburn, Virginia is a large part of our spiritual heritage at The Edge. There were churches, training and education prior to Community Church that helped breath life and vitality into the vision that ultimately evolved into planting The Edge Church, but Community has a special place in our heritage.

Community Church is our spiritual heritage. Under the leadership of Pastor Charlie Whitlow, this church has equipped us and spiritually invested in us – blood, sweat and finances!

They’re cheering us on and celebrating with us all that The Edge has and will do. Take a look at their update video for 2014:


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