Life on the Edge

As I (Pete) have been wrestling with the vision that God is providing for The Edge Church, I have observed some sizable challenges we have faced as a family. I feel as if these challenges are meant to play a role in a larger narrative. It’s the idea of living life on the edge and it’s part of the larger narrative of The Edge Church.

Prior to launching out on this church planting adventure, we had our third child. I could stop the whole story here – having a third child, a son after two daughters, is a game-changer. We are now running a “zone defense” instead of man-to-man.

We had recently bought a wonderful townhouse. It was in a great neighborhood, we got it for a fair price. I enjoyed my job and we felt like we were in a good place. Life was good.

But sometimes the biggest enemy of greatness is good.

Then God showed us His plans for us to plant a church. Almost immediately we had to sell our house after having lived in it only one year (and try to at least break even). I had to wrestle to finish my Master’s degree (by appealing to the dean for an exception to the program). We were on our knees praying often about where God was leading us, knowing all the while that the train was leaving the station whether we were ready or not.

Finances were tight and we didn’t know what the future held. All we knew to do was to pray and seek God.

That’s living life on the edge. And unbeknownst to us, God was also taking our Northern Virginia launch team out of their comfort zones too. It’s no easy task to pack up an entire single family home and move another state away. But try doing it while on crutches after an excruciating, painful accident. Try moving as a single woman, saying goodbye to a secure job with a bright future. Try leaving everything you’ve known for several decades; try leaving what you’ve known for your whole life.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to all your friends that you’ve known and the jobs you have and the houses you made home only to move to another state where you know literally no one.

That’s the short version of what God has been taking our launch team through. And I believe it’s because our stories will be grafted into a bigger story of what God wants to do through The Edge Church. I believe God is personally crafting and molding our stories – stories of what it means to live life on the edge – in order to form the deeper DNA of his local church here in Knightdale.

We still have the amazing challenge of finding new places to call home, new favorite restaurants, new mechanics we can trust, new friends, new jobs. But seeing these challenges in light of the bigger picture makes this whole thing feel like more of an adventure than a stormy mess.

For those who remember the game Oregon Trail it’s like finding out your wheel broke and, rather than giving up, you try to figure out how to craft a three-wheeled wagon to get you moving again!


God is crafting our story for His purposes and His ultimate glory. We simply  have to submit to this crazy adventure and surrender our will for His. That’s what it means to live life on the edge.