Momentum is Building!

There have been many exciting things taking place here in Knightdale and we can’t help but recognize that God is building momentum. I (Pete) wanted to share some of these updates in order to encourage and excite you – much in the same way it encourages us!

We’ve Moved…

The team is moving to Knightdale! Two families are now moved in with more coming! Because of this, we had our first team meeting in North Carolina. No more Northern Virginia team meetings…

There is another awesome family who is excited about The Edge Church’s future and who has made the decision to move to the Raleigh area to be on the launch team! We are excited to welcome aboard…..Billy and Christine Massey (and their two precious daughters)!

We’re Getting More Official…

We’ve opened bank accounts, incorporated and are pressing on toward 501(c)(3) status. These steps, and several more like them, are critical in allowing us to progress toward our church launch. The next step will be securing a payment processing company to begin to receive funds (credit, debit, e-checks, etc) on an on-going basis.

We had our first board meeting a few weeks ago.

I have been meeting with a number of local pastors. I believe networking is critical for many reasons, the most important of which is so that we can join together with other churches to meet the needs of this community. The world sees too many examples of Christian segregation – denominational splits and racially divided churches to name a few. What an incredible witness to not see other pastors and churches as “competition” but to see them as partners together in the larger narrative that God is authoring!

We are now an ARC church! Being in the ARC network is an incredible blessing and an honor. We successfully finished our 3.0 interviews and are awaiting word on our who our coach will be.

I plan to share more about ARC’s vision for churches in a future post.

Word is Getting Out

As we have been sharing our story and what we’re doing, we have met people who are excited. In fact, we’ve had several people share that they’ve been, “praying for a church like this” to come to this area. Awesome!

God is Providing

God has been making a way as we’ve pressed forward. In fact, our prayer has been that God will not only bless our efforts but that God will be a blessing to those around us. We have prayed this for our realtors in NOVA and we continue to pray it for people we come into contact with here.

On that note, I’d like to leave you with an email we received last week:

Hey Pete,

Thanks for your assistance earlier! So far, this month [we] have had 4 homesites go under contract. I’m working on getting 5 by the end of the month so you and Karen can have even more neighbors…!

Oddly enough, things were sort of slow before you guys moved to the neighborhood. Now it’s entirely different!! Guess you guys are my good luck charms!! It’s like you “blessed” the neighborhood. I’m being totally serious by the way. Have a great evening and thanks again.