The Eagle Has Landed

We have arrived! We moved in on July 8th and have been steadily unpacking and making our house feel like home. Karen and the kids have been troopers through it all – never once have they complained about having to move.

We had so many friends and family members help us with the move on both ends to whom we can’t say “thank you” enough.

Now that we are here, we are hitting the ground running. Imagine moving to a place where you know barely anyone and you have to start from scratch. Now imagine launching a business eight months after you arrive! It’s crazy; and with us alone it’s impossible.

We still have to use GPS to know how to drive around town and we’re trying to learn the ins and outs of the area. Cheapest gas spots, reputable grocery stores, good babysitters, honest mechanics; these are all things we once took for granted and now have to relearn.

Yet I suspect this has been a part of God’s plan all along. We have been talking with everyone and usually the conversation starts off with us saying, “We’re new here” and leads to questions about the above challenges we’re facing. Then we start talking about life and some amazing conversations have arisen because of it.

I had a wonderful time meeting and talking with a guy named Danny at Lowe’s. He was shopping for weed killer and I was shopping for something that would nuke all bugs (because they’re everywhere here). It was awesome hearing his life story, getting to know him and sharing with him what we’re doing in Knightdale. I’m going to grab coffee with him next chance we get.

We also had the Directv crew come out and install TV in our home. They came with a crew of three guys and they were a riot! We hit it off and they loved what we’re doing in Knightdale. The lead guy (Terry Hawkins) insisted that he would be our first church member. Those guys were awesome!

Beyond that, we’ve been meeting every neighbor we run in to. We’re talking about scheduling a few events (poker night, play dates, neighborhood BBQ) to have more opportunities to meet our neighbors.

And finally, this week has been filled with wonderful rendezvous with friends and family from Northern Virginia. We have been telling everyone that we’re open for visitors and can serve as “home base” for those who are moving down here. This last week we’ve hosted everyone on the current launch team who will be moving down from VA with us for this adventure.

Tom and Sheree Bloch bought the house two doors down and will be moving in about a week and my parents (Steve and Jackie Brown) just had their offer accepted on the home next to us! We already discussed the possibility of having the town’s largest slip and slide in our three backyards when we combine them! Karen Sherline also came down with Teresa Matthews to explore the area and determine where she (Karen) will move.

How you can pray:

1-      That the ongoing transition of the whole team to the Knightdale area would be smooth

2-      That providential relationships would continue to develop

3-      That our group dynamic would continue to be healthy as our launch team expands

4-      That our launch team would expand

5-      That North Carolina would complete our business incorporation application so that we could proceed to receive funds from those who have verbally committed to doing so

6-      That our internet would be installed (Time Warner mishandled our order; AT&T at first said they cover our neighborhood then they said they didn’t.)

3 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed

  1. So happy to hear that you are there and settled. Sorry we were unable to see you again before you left. I will be keeping up with you guys and when we get to Knightdale to visit the family we look forward to visiting the church! Terri Montague

  2. Hey guys! Sounds exciting! All accept for the bugs!

    When God closes a door…..don’t get frustrated. It just wasn’t the right door to begin with. Looking forward to hearing the wonderful stories that are ahead.

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