Next Steps (Blog and Church)

Since arriving in Knightdale, we’ve had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people. We’ve meet some down-to-earth neighbors, folks in the real estate business, install technicians, construction workers and strangers in the store! It’s amazing how we never intend to share (and often don’t disclose) what we’re doing and yet these amazing conversations come up.

Why not tell people what we’re doing? Well, it depends on who we’re talking with. If we’re talking with a neighbor then we don’t feel a sense of urgency to share what we’re doing because, well, they’ll probably find out eventually anyway! Not only that, but when I (Pete) share that I’m a pastor, the whole tone changes. Now my new mission is to try and dodge the question of what I do for a living for as long as possible! Doing this allows people to feel at ease about being who they truly are – something everyone shouldn’t be ashamed of regardless of what company we’re in!

That, my friends, is one of the core values of The Edge Church – acceptance. If we can’t act ourselves at church, where can we? Certainly many of us feel we can’t act like ourselves at work or as we’re out shopping. We somehow feel this need to put on a facade and act like everything’s okay. I want to put others at ease when they’re around me and I want the DNA of The Edge Church to do the same. There’s no need to hide the fact that we haven’t figured life out yet or that life isn’t perfect for us. We are all in the same boat.

More on the DNA of the church later…


Blog Updates

In the near future, Karen and I will create a contact us page that will help us connect with YOU, our readers, supporters, friends and future church family! Chances are, we’ve already connected or else you might not be on our blog in the first place. Regardless, we want to continue the dialogue and grow in our relationships with each of you.

We are also working hard to create the ability to invest in what God is doing in Knightdale. Some might call this simply a “donate” button or page which is technically correct. I believe it goes beyond simply donating funds, however. I believe when you and I invest in the kingdom of God we get a return that’s immeasurably better than the gift we give. If you are short on faith in this area, borrow mine! Jesus’ half-brother James said it well when he said, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

And doesn’t our ability to give financially come from God anyway? He gives us the health we have to earn a paycheck, He gives us favor at our job, He watches over us and provides for us. Regardless of how much we own or how much we accomplish in life, we can’t forget that God owns it all and we are simply His money managers.

Finally, we plan to INCREASE blog frequency. Without going into all the details, Time Warner fumbled our original install so we went with AT&T. When AT&T informed us they no longer offer DSL to our neighborhood we were forced to go back to Time Warner. We’re being told we will have internet on July 28. In the mean time, I blog to you here from the public library!


Church Updates

We had an incredible blessing from friends at Community Church. After one of our sending services there, I had a wife approach me wanting to help. She works for a religious organization and they needed to increase their donations for their fiscal year which was ending very soon. I was able to go on to their website and pick out materials for our church!

Just yesterday those materials came in – we had four boxes shipped to us! They included a Bible study book that’s great for small groups, many NLT Bibles and Spanish Bibles! Each of these books will be handed out to people in the Knightdale/Raleigh area who need to discover or rekindle a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

New Book Gift

Donation to The Edge Church

Donations like these, along with incredible conversations with people estranged from God pour fuel on the fire of what we’re doing in Knightdale!

Finally, we are still waiting to hear back from North Carolina about our incorporation files we submitted for the church. We hope that will come through soon as it holds up several key steps we need to take in the immediate future.

Onward and upward!

The Eagle Has Landed

We have arrived! We moved in on July 8th and have been steadily unpacking and making our house feel like home. Karen and the kids have been troopers through it all – never once have they complained about having to move.

We had so many friends and family members help us with the move on both ends to whom we can’t say “thank you” enough.

Now that we are here, we are hitting the ground running. Imagine moving to a place where you know barely anyone and you have to start from scratch. Now imagine launching a business eight months after you arrive! It’s crazy; and with us alone it’s impossible.

We still have to use GPS to know how to drive around town and we’re trying to learn the ins and outs of the area. Cheapest gas spots, reputable grocery stores, good babysitters, honest mechanics; these are all things we once took for granted and now have to relearn.

Yet I suspect this has been a part of God’s plan all along. We have been talking with everyone and usually the conversation starts off with us saying, “We’re new here” and leads to questions about the above challenges we’re facing. Then we start talking about life and some amazing conversations have arisen because of it.

I had a wonderful time meeting and talking with a guy named Danny at Lowe’s. He was shopping for weed killer and I was shopping for something that would nuke all bugs (because they’re everywhere here). It was awesome hearing his life story, getting to know him and sharing with him what we’re doing in Knightdale. I’m going to grab coffee with him next chance we get.

We also had the Directv crew come out and install TV in our home. They came with a crew of three guys and they were a riot! We hit it off and they loved what we’re doing in Knightdale. The lead guy (Terry Hawkins) insisted that he would be our first church member. Those guys were awesome!

Beyond that, we’ve been meeting every neighbor we run in to. We’re talking about scheduling a few events (poker night, play dates, neighborhood BBQ) to have more opportunities to meet our neighbors.

And finally, this week has been filled with wonderful rendezvous with friends and family from Northern Virginia. We have been telling everyone that we’re open for visitors and can serve as “home base” for those who are moving down here. This last week we’ve hosted everyone on the current launch team who will be moving down from VA with us for this adventure.

Tom and Sheree Bloch bought the house two doors down and will be moving in about a week and my parents (Steve and Jackie Brown) just had their offer accepted on the home next to us! We already discussed the possibility of having the town’s largest slip and slide in our three backyards when we combine them! Karen Sherline also came down with Teresa Matthews to explore the area and determine where she (Karen) will move.

How you can pray:

1-      That the ongoing transition of the whole team to the Knightdale area would be smooth

2-      That providential relationships would continue to develop

3-      That our group dynamic would continue to be healthy as our launch team expands

4-      That our launch team would expand

5-      That North Carolina would complete our business incorporation application so that we could proceed to receive funds from those who have verbally committed to doing so

6-      That our internet would be installed (Time Warner mishandled our order; AT&T at first said they cover our neighborhood then they said they didn’t.)