Peace in the Fog…

We went to the beach with Pete’s entire family this last week. Thanks to our youngest, I (Karen) was up before sunrise almost every morning. I would strap him into his stroller and we would head out to the beach to watch the sunrise. One morning there was a thick layer of fog. I could only see a short distance all around me. As we walked out of the house I could only see to the end of the street. When we got to the end of the street , then I could see the sidewalk to the beach access. Once we got to the sand I could only see the first waves breaking. When we got to the edge of the beach, I could only see so far out into the ocean before it was just fog. As I sat there, I was thinking that life right now feels the same way. It’s as if the Lord has graciously positioned a thick layer of fog around me.

This entire journey is monumental. If I look at everything that is before us, I become easily intimidated and want to shut down. I can’t go there. In order to keep my faith strong, I have to stay in the “fog”. I can see the task that is ahead and pursue it in faith. It’s not until we are past that task that I can see a little bit further to what is next. There really is peace in the fog….

photo 1

photo 3


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