A Few Things in the Immediate Future

I (Pete) have often said that there are a number of moving parts that need to come together sort of at the same time as we push forward. And although they’re pivotal decisions that are interlinked, many of them require steps and progress before the decision is made.

With that in mind, here is what’s on the calendar for the next two weeks:

  • Finish our house prep and list it in MLS for sale
  • Write out the vision God’s placed in our hearts for Knightdale (often called “vision packet” by church planters)
  • Continue pursuing fundraising opportunities
  • Meet with a pastor at a church in Dulles and a pastoral couple from a church in Chantilly
  • Go to Raleigh (May 15th-16th) to network with a sending church, a separate sending agency and two musicians (hopefully)

For those who are asking how to pray for us, please pray over each of these things above. Pray that our house would have multiple offers that would drive the price up, that God would divinely orchestrate the writing of the vision packet, that He would open doors for major fundraising and that the  meetings with others would be fruitful and would lead to more conversations and support.

Thank you for your ongoing support, help, love and encouragement through the journey!

One thought on “A Few Things in the Immediate Future

  1. Though of you guys………

    You have treasure in you. You have skill and talent. Start sharpening your skills. When God sees that you are prepared, then He will open new doors of opportunity. Joel Osteen Ministries

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