Our Blog is Live!

Hello and welcome to our blog! We (Karen and Pete) will be alternating authorship of the blog along the way so you’ll get both of our perspectives on this exciting journey.

The purpose of the blog is several-fold:

  1. To update friends and family along the way – we’ll share the good, bad and ugly.
  2. To provide a channel through which you can support us.
  3. To encourage others that our God is faithful and good! As our story unfolds, we are looking forward to sharing how God has provided for us, stretched our faith, encouraged us and how he can do the same for you as we each step out of our comfort zones.

In addition to the running blog entries we also created a few stationary pages for those who might join later and still want to catch up on how our story started. Check out how it all began for the beginning of our story and why Knightdale NC for our decision to go to Knightdale.

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