12 Core Values

At the core of our DNA are these twelve values:

1 – To reach the unchurched and unsaved people of Wake County

2 – To be a healthy church – one that restores people’s faith in the local church and, ultimately, God

3 – To be a safe place for the hurt and wounded

4 – To be a parent church to many other life-giving churches locally, nationally and globally

5 – To operate in unity with other local church bodies, regardless of denominational, racial, socio-economic or other differences

6 – To cultivate an atmosphere where people can initiate a relationship with Jesus and grow in that relationship

7 – To create opportunities for people to serve inside and outside the church

8 – To send out missionaries and teams of people in order to meet the needs of international missions and churches

9 – To always realize we have not yet arrived at a state of perfection

10 – To thoughtfully address predominant sin issues in today’s culture

11 – To be a staple in our community to the point that even unbelievers in Wake County would see The Edge Church as a valuable asset to the area

12 – To have a strategic entrepreneurial arm that would leverage business opportunities and help fund the mission and vision of The Edge Church

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